Hi, I'm Lucie !🌝

  • I’m a nurse, my husband and I have three active boys.
  • I come from Martinique, a french caribean island. I grew up in France and I live in Montreal, Quebec Canada.
  • I love to cook and I aim to share recipes and tips to optimize your time in the kitchen 
  • Enjoy these delicious, nutritious recipes for a vibrant and accomplished lifestyle.

Why Milpreps?

  • I have cooked since I was 14. I love cooking and make authentic flavors for my family. They are really happy too. Some of my friends and sisters ask me to share my recipes with them. 
  • I have an old recipe note book that I have had for years and it is in a little bad shape. I have to rewrite it all. So, I decided to rewrite on my computer and share it online.  So everyone can access it. 
  • My first language is French but I decide to make this blog bilingual to learn and improve my English. So, if you find any mistakes, I’m sorry for that.  
  • Creating content means moments of pleasure, delicacies, and creativity where I can slow down and focus on what really matters for me: family, health, transform and share things that helpful in my lifestyle.

My added value

  • I share menu ideas for the week to prepare in advance. It’s more economic, it makes the weeks more relaxing, and avoids food waste.  
  • As a nurse, my recipes are low in sugar, salt and saturated fat. I implement creative and natural strategies to maintain the flavors and nutritional benefits of my recipes.  

  • I am from West Indies and I grew up and live in a cosmopolitan world between France and Canada. Don’t be surprised to see Afro- Caribbean recipes but also dishes from all over the world. I love Indian and Asian food too. 

Thanks for to stopping by

 My objective through this project is to make your time in the kitchen fun, easy, and tasty. It’s feel gratifying when your meals are appreciated. You and your family will be healthier and make your lifestyle better.      

Looking forward to earing for you. Leave a comment on the recipe you liked or/and send me a e-mail for questions or suggestions. 

Lucie Luz